SQUAIRZ is a completely new take on an old classic. The original got it’s name from the geometric shape tetromino. The object of SQUAIRZ is not to fill lines but to rotate and place blocks with 4 random colored squares so that the colors form tetrominoes. Any completed shapes or combination of shapes will then be deleted and the squares above will cascade down to fill that space. This adds an element of strategy to game play where being aware of how the blocks above will fill in the completed shapes can impact your score and keep you alive longer. The game ends when a new block has no where to go.
Every hundred seconds the game speeds up and the level increases.
You score 5 points for each square removed. This goes up by 5 points each time you gain a level. There is also a bonus of 5 points for each combo of tetrominoes (more than 4 squares) you remove each time you place a block. This bonus does not increase with the level.

This version is PC only. It will be for sale soon and proceeds will go towards Apple, Android and console version development.