Demo now available!

Hi Folks,
A 5 day demo of the full game is now available. When you register on this site the password to the download link above will be sent along with your registration info. Please use the comments section (Click on the news header to reply) to let me know if you are having any issues running this game. Comments and suggestions are welcome. Enjoy!
This game has no ads and zero network activity.

Welcome to SQUAIRZ!

Welcome to my site. SQUAIRZ is an addictive new puzzle game. A completely new take on an old classic. Move and rotate the blocks to drop them into place so the matching colors form tetrominoes, the same geometric shapes used in another popular game. These shapes will then disappear and the Squairz above them will cascade down. Score points for each square removed. the game ends when there is nowhere to place a block. Watch this short demo below and you’ll see.